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iPod shuffle charge problem


I have been browsing quite a lot around the forum to see if I can find any solution but nothing working so far. So here's what happened.

I had the ipod shuffle 2nd generation since it came out, then after 2 years I decided to use it again, I tried plugging into my laptop, it will recognize into my iTunes but the light just keep blinking orange and won't charge, so I tried different ports and that didnt fixed the issue. Then I moved into my desktop, I tried all the USB ports, nothing working and then at the end I decided to give it a last try and for some reason it worked on my PC, and it started charging, the orange light was constantly on without blinking which means the battery is charging and once it was fully charged it was green. It was all great, I was adding new music whenever I needed.

After 1 week I decided to format my PC, then reinstalled all the programs, and when I wanted to add new music on my ipod shuffle I saw that the orange light started blinking and whenever I plugged my ipod it won't charge at all, just orange light keep blinking .... Because before whenever I used to plug the ipod shuffle it used to charge right away whenever I added new music, I mean in the meantime it would charge while I am browsing through my music library, now it's just orange light keep blinking. The other thing that I've noticed now is whenever I eject the ipod shuffle and then try to remove from the charger I can see that for like 1 sec the light changes colors from orange into green.

I have tried the method that some people recommended, to disable "Enable disk use" and select "Open iTunes when this iPod is attached" and what happens is whenever I plug my ipod with these settings it won't even blink or give any signs but however it's recognized in the iTunes and it works fine, it just won't charge.

Btw I am using Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, if that matters. I tried to restore the ipod but didn't work at all.

Or maybe it got changed and it's charging when the orange light is blinking? Because I have been going into the gym and for the last 2 weeks I have been listening to the music and it never showed any signs of low battery, it just green light on it all the time and it has been plugged for those 2 weeks just like 15 minutes MAX.

Any help?

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ME too! I keep buying them (can only find on ebay) and have 3 “new” ones now and all do the same thing. When plugged in and off, orange blinking then when off computer, no lights. when plugged in and turned to ON, the light is green but goes off as soon as I unplug it. I have also restored to factory settings, checked the open itunes and disc use, but no luck. I have noticed when i click to eject, it says it can’t because it’s being used by other

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I have the same problem with my gen 2 Shuffle, I plugged into PC (with Win 10 64 bit OS) and iTunes opens allowing me to add songs, then I "ejected" the iPod and the orange light goes off. If the orange light is off then it is not charging. I plugged into wall outlet (standard wall adapter with USB port) and orange light blinks 3 times then goes off. Out of curiosity, I took another standard wall adapter I was using to charge my GPX MP3 player and this adapter started charging the iPod! So, do I have a bad wall adapter? I then plugged my GPX into the "bad" adapter and it started charging my GPX. My iPod Shuffle generation 2 seems to be rather touchy for charging. When plugged into my PC, only once did it go into charging (solid orange light) after "ejecting" it in iTunes, all the other times the orange light simply turns off.


I have trouble charging too.Only charges (sometimes) after a restore.


If you can use iTunes to load songs but it's then dead, when disconnected, the battery has failed, due to running down to zero state for too long.

It's not feasible to replace the battery.

For an over-discharged battery:

- Use a powered on computer's USB port to trickle charge.

- Use a USB charger from the same era, 2008, if available.

- If the battery pack cannot be fully charged in 24 hours, game over :(

- The battery cannot be charged when it is too hot. If the battery feels hot, remove it from the computer and allow it to cool to room temperature. Stick the device in a freezer for 7 minutes and then try charging it, as a last resort.


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I’ve put my iPod in my computer it’s fully charged as the green light is on but when I take it out and switch it on there’s nothing

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Then the battery ran down to zero for too long, so your out of luck. It's not feasible to replace the battery.


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I have this problem too, to charge it use a power bank, preferably a one with both a “tablet” and “phone” output. When you plug it in the phone output, the orange light will blink three times but won’t charge (the same thing that happens when you plug it into your pc). You’ll have to use the tablet output to charge the device. Try any power bank you have. Even if it has only one port, chances are it’s a tablet port. I still haven’t figured out how to get it working through wall outlet though (I’ve tried multiple adapters, none of them worked)

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I had to go back to Windows 10 Pro 32 bit and use iPod Reset Utility 1.0.4 for Windows which only works on older OS like Windows 7. On the 32-bit Operating System, you must right click on the iPod reset tool installer file and use Windows troubleshooter, select program worked with Windows 7, save settings and then run it. After installing the tool, the desktop shortcut will not work, you must drill down to it's actual location within C:\Program Files (x86) and right click on the application file to do the same, set worked with Windows 7 and save. Then right click again and run as administrator, otherwise the tool will not work.

It's very likely that the battery ran down to zero and even if you get things so you can access files, load songs in iTunes, the battery is toast :(

I was able to trickle charge it, after reset, by leaving it plugged into a PC's USB port. A falshing amber light is a good sign, means it's in disk access mode and is trickle charging, if the battery has not actually failed. Leave it plugged that way for 24 hrs, before testing the Shuffle's unplugged playback ability.

I don't think any of this would have worked, had I not used the reset tool!

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