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Brand new Tronsmart mega element speaker doesnt charge

Brand new Tronsmart Mega Element speaker switch off automatically when turned on. why it doesnt charge, I bought it today from geekbuying. any Solution plz. Thank u

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I have the same problem. I plug the speaker in to charge and the red light flashes on and off. Does not hold a charge and will not pair with any devices by Bluetooth, NFC or even the lead.

Unfortunately I received this as a present and can't return it.

Is there anyway to factory reset it or an option to return for the manufacturer for repair?


i have the same problem. I bought the speaker from Geekbuying, August 2019.

The redlight that indicate charging is only working for 1 to 3 secs the turns off.

I have tried chargers, usb charge through pc/laptop but the problem remains.

I have send an email to Geekbuying and the Tronsmart.

Very disappointed and frustrated.


I also have a Element T6 Speaker, and it worked well for a while but now it doesn’t charge anymore. When I pluged it to a charger the red lights turns on but just for a few seconds and then it stays with a yellow light on and I can’t turn it on!

Very disapointed and sad.

Does anyone knows what can I do? Mine it’s out o warranty since june 2019.



Hi: I have the Tronsmart t6 Plus, and the blue light on the volume control doesn't stop blinking. Also, I charged mine, but still can't be certain it charged because it starts beeping. It's a shame because it's a great speaker, with powerful bass.


I have the same problem.. I bought 2 columns Tronsmart t6 Max this week. When I turned on, apparently one came with a dead battery. Then they worked for an hour, connected connected with each other but one connected to electricity. When I turned them off, I left it charging for 4 hours. When I turned it back on, completely dead. It only turns on the red light when connected to electricity, but when I try to turn it on, it gives nothing ... I bought it through geekbuying, opened a ticket yesterday and await a response ...


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If you’ve tested the two speakers with several chargers and cables and still not charging, please contact the seller directly to get return and exchange instructions. It is very odd, we almost did not hear any such kind of “not charging” problems for our Mega speaker, neddless to say two of them from one customer. We hope you can help to send the speakers back to our seller so that we can do further test. Thank you.

According our warranty policy, our sellers should provide after-sale service directly to end customers, and we will provide neccessary support to them accordingly. If the seller failed to reply or refuse to help, please keep in touch with us via support@support.com, we will follow up.

Our speaker will go into sleep mode if not paring with any device over Bluetooth within 5 minitues. Once paired, if not playing music within 15 minutes, it will go into sleep mode too, that will help to save battery power.

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I bought 2 of the Tronsmart Mega element bluetooth speaker from geekbuying.com on March 18 2018, and received one of the speaker on April 10 2018. I am still waiting for another speaker to arrive.

The speaker I recieved today is defective. when I plug the charger red light appears and disappears within 5 seconds and doesnt power on. I have not even listened the sound of this speaker yet. i tired with several chargers, but all was usless. Is there anything you can do to fix it ? thank u


I have the same problem.


I had the same problem. I have 4 T6 BT speakers and one is not charging...


Me too I have the same problem used all kind of chargers


I have the same problem too


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Mine is not turning on.

Hi can somebody help me about my Tronsmart t6 element? I was using it last night and let its battery drain until it shuts off. Now I charged the speaker full but it won't turn on. Can somebody help me resolve my problem. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Tnx

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Dear Customer,

Thank you for purchasing our product and sorry for any inconvenience caused you. Could you please use a toothpick to poke AXU port to reset it before turning it on? Could you please contact us at support@tronsmart.com with more helpful suggestions and video showing yours complain, so we can help you out and fix it. Thank you. Tronsmart Customer Care Team.


No AXU port, but I fiddled around with the unit for a few minutes and finally got it to work.


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