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Repair manuals and information for the Microsoft Surface line of tablets.

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My charger doesn't charge.

After going down from lack of battery, my tablet won't charge. The charger Light doesn't turn on, and I need some solution that doesn't involve buying a new one or throwing everything against the wall...

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Just tested with a multimeter, and apparently the charger is working...

The problem must be in the battery.


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@gc05 you could check your charger with a multimeter first to make sure that it is working. If it is then you are possibly having issues with either the charging port Microsoft Surface Ladeanschluss austauschen or the battery. If your battery is depleted or discharged below the charging threshold it will no longer accept a charge. Replace the battery and see if that works. Microsoft Surface Akkupack austauschen

Microsoft Surface RT Akkupack Bild


Microsoft Surface Akkupack austauschen



5 - 10 minutes

Microsoft Surface RT Ladeanschluss Bild


Microsoft Surface Ladeanschluss austauschen



15 - 30 minutes

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