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Why is the MBP not charging?

Hi all.

Helping someone out with her macbook pro, all signs point to (99% certain) to the DC board connector.

The issue is the Macbook pro doesn't charge battery, or power on. (with AC connection alone), nor does the LED emitt at all. Yet with the AC disconnected and the battery in, the laptop runs just fine.

This points me directly to the DC in board as if it were the logoc board the mac would have problems on battery too.

The Macbook is out of warrenty

I'm simply asking just for conformation... Am I correct in that a replacment DC logic board would sove the issue ?

Just for the record, yes... i have reset the SMC ... and have replaced with new power adapter.. Still no good.

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3 Antworten

Sounds like the DC-In board is correct to me. Please list the last three letters of your serial number to correctly identify your Book and get you to the right part and guide.

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Seems to be the MOSFET. It is possible to replace it but you might have trouble finding it. If you cannot find it then you will need to replace the motherboard. I say give it a shot and maybe you get it to work :D

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Sounds like your I/O board is bad, that is the only way that the battery can be charged. Does the indicator light on the Mega-Safe power connector lights up bright when connected to that port? if not, then replace that board first before you do anything else to it.

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