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Repair guides and support for the first generation Town Car, a full-size luxury sedan manufactured by Lincoln.

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My Steering Wheel is Messed Up

So my steering wheel is lopsided and it has absolutely no resistance while turning. How do I straighten the steering wheel and give it more resistance?

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@lightwitch98 does it still move the wheels when you steer? What have you checked? What exact year and model is this?

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Yes the wheels still move and it doesn't pull to one side or the other. And nothing really on what I've checked. It's a 1990 Lincoln Town Car Signature


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I will answer this as two separate questions...

1) How do I straighten the wheel? You don't unless you have private access to a quality alignment system equivalent to a Hunter branded equipment set.

2) How do I increase the steering effort? The only way to make it have more resistance would be to disable or impair the power steering (remove the pump belt perhaps or run tires with pressure reduced to very low levels? at any rate both bad ideas). Anyway, it sounds to me like the steering assist is working as designed. This is after all a "land yacht" not a sports car.

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Yea, I'm just used to the more sportsy vehicles and not very old to know the models before 2005. And I was told to simply reclock the steering wheel. It isn't an alignment issue


A proper front end alignment will "reclock the steering wheel" as you put it. If the steering wheel doesn't line up straight it is a sign of something off about the alignment.


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If it is a 'steering box' most likely a recirculating ball steering, you can adjust the slack out of them. Not sure about worm drive steering though.

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