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Kam im Juni 2016 auf den Markt, in Europa anhand der Modellnummer A3003 zu identifizieren, in China und Nordamerika mit A3000 (entsprechend https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/oneplus-3-regions-model-numbers.452381/)

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Replaced Battery, Now My Phone is Overheating and Won't Boot


I've had my OnePlus 3 for about 2 years now and it was overdue for a battery replacement, so I decided to replace it myself. I bought an OEM battery and carefully replaced the old battery with the new one. After doing this, I attempted to charge it and noticed it was getting very hot at the top of the phone, like dangerously hot. After I got it to boot up, It would reboot after a few minutes of use and remained very hot to the touch even after removing the dash charger. So I decided that the battery must be faulty and put my old one back in and thought I'd just get a refund for the new battery. Unfortunately, the issues I was having with the new battery have continued with the old one too, so now I can't even get the phone to boot or take a charge at all now, even after trying the unbrick tool. I get the low battery notification, then afterwards I get a vibration with nothing on the screen every 2 seconds while it's connected to the charger and it still heats up like mad at the top of the device. Does anyone know what I might be able to do to resolve this problem? Should I maybe try and replace the main motherboard or the Type-C port perhaps? I explained to my friend and he suggested I might have shorted a component due to static or something but I just don't know.

Thank you for any suggestions. :)

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Hello, where did you source your OEM replacement battery? I ordered one from iFixit this past week but they told me today they are actually out of stock.

Please advise.



I just experience exactly the same issue…[br]

The overheating appears even in recovery mode, so it definitely related to hardware (anyway a full reset didn’t help)… :-/

I’m afraid something in the mobo has just “fried”. I don’t know whether I has something to see with ESD or a bad battery that could damage something, but I fixed many phones of various brands in the past and I never encounter such an issue.

Did you have found any solution to fix it?


Unfortunately I didn't, I ended up selling the phone for parts only on eBay. I'm not sure if the person who bought it found a solution or if he just used it for parts. I'll send him a message and see. :)


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Had the same problem with my Oneplus 3 and found the solution by myself. Its when you put the flat cable between subboard and mainboard not in the right direction. I have no idea why, but you are able to assemble it the other way round and then the Phone overheats. I found the problem very quick and since then my phone is good again.

Sorry it’s too late for you

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That's very odd that reversing the cable has that effect. I really wish I thought of that before I decided to sell it. Oh well, hopefully this will help anyone else having the same problem. Thank you for your reply! :)


Wow mate, you saved me!!! I had this same issue and was just about to pack it in and spend hundreds to get a new phone. You rock, thank you so so so so much!!!


You are my hero bro! Works. :-)


worked for me too. thank you!!


Dude... DUUUUUDEEEE. THANKS !!! You saved me 1000 times mate !!!!!


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