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Released September 2013, identified with model number T100T. 2-in-1 portable with Quad core Intel® Atom™ processor and 2GB of RAM.

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Touchscreen malfunctioning after a while

Lately I've been having problems with my Asus T100TA.

I notice the Asus T100TA tends to register "wrong touches" if anyone gets what I mean,

I don't know how to word this properly but at random it goes registering a touch at the middle top of the screen, when I try to remove it by putting my finger on it, the 'wrong touch' goes moving down (And I'm unable to use my trackpad to move the cursor), it disappears temporary after a forced reboot (Holding the power button for 10+ seconds).

I can confirm there's no dust or cracks causing it (I've even replaced the glass and screen itself, double-checked the connectors),

I'm not having this problem on my other Asus T100TA however, the only difference is that this Notebook uses Windows 8.1 and the Properly functioning one uses Windows 10 Education.

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Hi @lenafox ,

Have you got the latest ATK package and Smart Gesture (touchpad) drivers for Win 8.1 installed?

If not, install the ATK package "before' the Smart gesture if you have to install them.

What happens if you disable the touchpad (Fn + F9) before the problem starts, does the touchscreen work OK with no glitches?


@jayeff it's not the touchpad causing any errors, it's just when I move the cursor using it I can confirm the touchscreen's glitching. and yea I do have the latest ATK package. the cursor stays stuck on the place where the touchscreen glitches and I can't move it either as it keeps getting back there.


Hi @lenafox ,

Does it happen in "safe mode'?

How do you know it's not the touchpad? You've said that you've replaced the touchscreen, so it's not a screen problem.

Did you try disabling the touchpad as suggested to see if it occurs? Use a USB mouse instead to navigate.


Heya @jayeff

So I double-checked, it's not 'safe mode', and I've tried using a mouse but same thing happens (Smart Gesture auto-disables my touchpad when it detects a mouse), without touchpad it still occurs for some reason. I think it might be a driver error or the glass on top of it that's causing this, as I usually notice this problem when I rotate my screen (Up or down) or when I touch it, though it also happens at random when I'm just reading my email or anything like that, so I'm unsure


Hi @lenafox ,

Just double checking. It does not happen when in safe mode?

If it doesn't then as you say it seems like a driver error.

Have you tried totally uninstalling the touchpad driver in Device Manager, rebooting the PC and then let Windows "find" it again to see if this makes a difference, rather than just updating / reverting the touchpad driver etc.?

Alternatively, it could be a faulty touchpad. I had a similar problem in an old Dell laptop. Like yours the touchpad randomly would become unusable and the cursor would "scroll" to the edge of the screen and stay there, unable to move, then suddenly it would come good after more tapping. Turned out that the touchpad connections were shorting out to the motherboard below (due to finger pressure I think). Placed a piece of insulating material between the touchpad and the motherboard and all was well.


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Hi @lenafox ,

Just as a way out thought.

Check in Device Manager under Mice and Other Pointing Devices and see if there is a listing for a USB touchscreen controller or something similar. If so try re-installing / updating the driver for it.

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@jayeff I guess it was a driver failure after all, I don't know whether this will occur again but I uninstalled and then reinstalled the driver for the touchscreen, now it works properly (Though I can't confirm if it's permanent or temporary fix as it's only been 38 minutes since driver reinstall)

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