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Repair guides and support for tablets manufactured by Supersonic.

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Need to Factory Reset a SC-4317BT

Have a SC-4317BT that won't reset with Power+Volume combo and has no reset button in the paperclip hole... how do I reset THIS model?

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I don't no how to reset it

=== Update (12/29/2019) ===

I don't know how to fix it


It wont let me reset on lock screen all the answers say no how come


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From inside the Android OS

Settings --> Backup & Reset --> Factory Reset

You will need your Google account that was used to login to the tablet originally.

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Sorry - can't get to OS. Stuck in load loop. as: Android logo screen to "Android Starting... loading apps", loop back to Android logo screen to "Android Starting... loading apps", loop back to... etc,


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You can hard reset by turning the device off the hold the power and vol up buttons until the android logo pops up after that you should get a boot menu. From there you just use vol buttons to highlight factory reset, power button to select it. Once thats done you just have to reboot and youre all

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I did just the way you posted it and it worked fine. Thanx.


I need to retrieve the password to get in.


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