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My Open Tractor - How best to present information I have assembled?

I've been working on re-wiring a New Holland 8360 and it's become the target vehicle for my solution to re-wiring older vehicles using CAN Bus technology. Ultimately the hardware will but Open (needs testing in the NH8360) and the Software is currently Open. The project is on Hackaday so you could look at it but it might be a bit verbose if you have no interest in vehicle wiring:-


Hopefully, if it all works out, I'll end up with an Open NH8360

That's not the question it's just the introduction. In the course of re-wiring the NH8360 I had to go through info I could find and buzz out a lot of wires. Find replacement connectors and generally document the system. I ended putting that information on a wiki at https://www.electronicsoup.com/wiki/

I'm not in the business of communicating with the written word so I'll admit that what I've put on that wiki is possibly not the best, but what is a better way. I guess I should have a look at other tractor data on this site. Could anybody point to an Internet based "Best" presentation of vehicle data? Only one I can think of was articles on the this old tractor site, but that was for a motorcycle ;-) (Moto Guzzi Loop frame)

Thanks for any pointers

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@jwhitmore I think it'll be great if you would create a Wiki for all of us. Start with this page https://www.ifixit.com/New Let us know when it is done so we can check it out. Of course for individual steps etc. you could just create a bunch of guides on here https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/new

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