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The Nextbook Ares 8A is an Android tablet released March 2017.

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device failed verifaction and may no work properly

when powered on warning say Device has failed verifaction and may no work properly. How do you fix it?

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i have also done a factory reset and a hard rest on the tablet and it still says device has failed verifacation and it is also saying no command with a lil dude and a orange traingle on top how do you fix this it is new tablet only had it for 4 months.


I have the same message immediately after power on. I tried on hard reset but now the tablet is crashing and reeboting random. Any idea with that?


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Hi @mushuann ,

If you have done a factory reset and it still fails to load, you either have corrupt firmware or a faulty systemboard.

As you say that it is only 4 months old, it will still be covered by the manufacturer’s 12 month warranty.

Follow the directions in the warranty to make a claim for a manufacturer’s warranty repair or replacement.

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This means that you tablet may have come across malware or viruses that it cannot handle. If your tablet is rooted, it could also mean that your boot loader is unlocked and can cause problems. Both of these are nothing you want to see. Try booting into safe mode and deleting any shady files or apps. If it's rooted, lock your boot loader. If all else fails, factory reset.

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