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Released in February 2014. A Garmin manufactured GPS multi-sport training watch with illuminated display.

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Why is my watch time day and date wrong?

Hi Guys,

so I haven't used my watch for quite a few months so charged it up to use it and the date and time is wrong. I cant find how to manually set it? Ive tried the light and down button which hasn't done anything so any suggestions would be great


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Hi @clarabird ,

Here a link to the page in the User manual that shows what to do to set the time and other general settings

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Fab thanks, Ive just followed the instructions but still its all still wrong?


ive sorted it thanks for your help


How did you sort it Claire?


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Maybe you can choose any activity mode in your fenix 2 (ex: hike, mountaineer, or anything), and then wait your watch finding the sattelite, wait until connect..then log out from activity mode, usually the date will up to date again after that.

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