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Der Nintendo Game Boy Advance kam 2001 auf den Markt. Für Reparaturen braucht man keine besonderen Werkzeuge und keine Wärme.

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How do I replace the L and R mechanisms?


My GBA's R button mechanism seems to have stopped working. It's not the plastic button, it's the thing on the motherboard. I've tried cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol and q-tips and blowing on it but it hasn't worked. I thought it would be the R button itself but after that I now know it's the mechanism itself. I think I'm going to have to get a replacement R mechanism and desolder and resolder the trigger back on. Any easier way that this can get fixed?

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@farko sounds like you are talking about the microswitches. You can first check them with an ohmmeter and see if they show continuity when you depress those. If so it is not the switch. If they do not then the only repair possible will be replacing them by soldering new ones in place.

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Thanks. I'll try that out. I've also considered replacing the whole logic board, though it is a bit excessive (I might as well buy a brand new GBA at that point) and I can't really seem to find any without the screen (I'm looking to put a backlight mod on it). Just a quick question about that. Where would I measure the ohms output by the R button? Any further answers are greatly appreciated.


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