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The Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station is a wireless router first introduced in 2003.

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External antenna for A1034 airport extreme

The A1034 has a socket for an external antenna to extend range. Where can i get one? what model # or part # do I need. Tried one on eBay but jack will not fit socket on A1034. Help!

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This is a very old AirPort unit. It does not offer any of the modern transmission security (only WEP which is very easy to beat!) In addition its 802.11b compliant only so its real sllloooowww.

Best bet is to find a home for it on a dusty shelf and get a newer WiFi unit. In fact Apple just announced its getting out of the WiFi router market! Apple exits Wi-Fi game, AirPort routers discontinued after stock sells out.

So you might find a deal on new one! Or, you might want to look at one of the other units which offer 802.11ac services.


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I did a web search and found: QuickerTek wireless antenna

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They had at one point offered an antenna extender. It really didn't offer that much a better signal. I haven't seen one of the antennas in years! You could just find an older 802.11b antenna and plug it in if you can find one.


I'm sure the antenna is fine, but, as usual, apple-only socket.

Hint - 10" of of bare silvered wire works !


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