A 2-in-1 laptop/tablet with full 360° folding capabilities. Contains a 2.00GHz i7-5500U processor and was released in 2015 with model number 80JH000WUS.

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Screen turns pink after used for 30 minutes

I have noticed recently on my lenovo yoga 3 that after I use it for more than 30 minutes (sometimes less) the left side of the screen begins to turn a pinkish colour. I have figured that having dark colours on the screen doesn't cause the pink colour. When I have a white screen it happens quicker. If I use my laptop for long enough, the whole screen will have a pink tinge. Beneath the pink, I can see what was last on the screen. The screen turns back to normal when I leave my laptop off for an hour. How do I stop this from happening?

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Try connecting an external monitor to the laptop's micro HDMI port to check what happens on its' display when it occurs on the laptop's display.


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Hook it up to an external monitor to see if it has a GPU issue. It the external is OK, your display has failed.

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If I remember correctly there were GPU issues with this model, I would contact Lenovo support to see if it's one of the effected models.

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