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The iRobot Roomba 860 is an intelligent home vacuum cleaner that is able to pick up debris and contaminants from nearly any surface. It is able to operate on a specific schedule to allow optimum cleaning hours for the owner.

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What is charging error 5

why does the charging error 5 come on when my rumba 805 is charging

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I hv removed battery, clean dust h wipe but charge error 5 still showing.



Check out this roomba charing error solution: https://www.errorcodeshero.com/roomba-ch...

It was a big help to me.


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It means your Roomba isn't charging correctly.

Here is a link that provides some information along with some troubleshooting: https://homesupport.irobot.com/app/answe...

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I've done all these things and also charged the Roomba directly by pulling the cord out of the docking station and plugging it directly into the Roomba but I still get Charging Error 5. I've bought 2 new batteries, one from Ebay and one from Amazon and still get the error message.

So its not the contacts, the battery or the docking station. The roomba will charge for about an hour and then repeat the error message and red lights. If operated manually, it will work for an hour + and dock. However it will not operate to its automated schedule.

Any suggestion on where to go from here?


Error 5fixed! We did everything, pulled apart, wiped over, changed batteries twice to no avail. By this time Roomba was completely dead, no lights. And then we changed the power transformer. Yay! Lights on and it went into about 6 hours of a quick amber flashing refreshing cycle. We left it a further 12 hours before using it....and it is better than ever! Such a relief


We did all of the above AND changed the power transformer. After a few hours of charging... The charging error 5 returned. I am now trying the reset, which is done by holding the power button for 10 seconds. Will update with results afterwards.


Always look at the steps and then change up. Remove battery, do not put battery back in!, then plug in. It should not go to error 5. Mine went to error 1.


@MDavis so how did it go? You said you would update with results and I've been waiting...lol. HELP!


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