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Repair information for KitchenAid dishwashers.

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Rinse only cycle works, but not any wash cycles

I replaced the food chopper, because it was worn out. Cleared debris from that sump area, both screens, large and small particulate, and cleaned out spray arms, top and bottom. Ran a Rinse-only cycle to test, results: Pan filled with water, quite rapidly, spray arms sprayed water, water drained at end of the cycle. All looked normal.

Ran a Wash cycle next, to test, but water did not fill dishwasher. Made a grinding noise, as if no water, so I cancelled the cycle, nothing to drain.

Next, turned off circuit breaker for at least one minute. Ran Rinse-only cycle: No issues.

Ran 1-hour wash cycle: Didn't fill with water again. Cancelled.

Ran Rinse-only cycle: No issues.

Ran Heavy-duty cycle: Didn't fill with with water, AGAIN.

Why does it fill, spin, and drain on Rinse-only cycle, but NONE of the Wash Cycles seem to work, even after shutting off power at the circuit breaker several times?

HELP!!! About to give up on this one, though I seem like I'm so close.

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What is your specific brand and model number?


KitchenAid model: KUDC10IXWH7


KDTE704DSS0 KitchenAid Dishwasher


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I fix Appliances for a living and sound like a bad water valve to me. Or stuck float switch, it could even have a crazy water tank setup thing on the side of the unit causing issues, test for power at the water valve or simply hold the magnet/valve when it should be onand you should feel it vibrating. Otherwise, the control boards “water relay” could be worn and either replace that component or the board. When they dry wash it tears them up. Over revs, friction on the chopper, added heat, the element could sorta over heat..

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Thanks Levi, I'll give those testing options a try, and let you know.


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20OCT18. I also had this same issue. I first replaced the mother board, thinking it fills first time all the time… then fixed itto replace the water valve.

What is happening ? The valve is getting hot and it takes too much current to make it energize and stops filling. The computer board was okay.

To verify this: Turn on your washer with the sanitize setting. let it run for about 5 minutes then cancel it and rerun it again. Mine failed, retried several times… wait an hour and it fills. then ig will not work. — this was repeatable. I wasted money on a computer board where it was the valve due to a poor design that is effecting lots of people …

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