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Eine TV Spielkonsole von Sony Entertainment, auch bekannt als PS4. Sie wurde am 20. Februar 2013 angekündigt und kam am 15. November 2013 auf den Markt.

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Why do the DS4 pads not want to connect to the console?

Hello fellow tech heads

i have a perplexing issue with a PS4 i could do with some help, before i wipe the thing.

I have a PS4 that wont allow any controllers to be used, either via usb or bluetooth, but a pad will work if it brings up the error message where its asks you to insert USB to update blah blah.

I cant get into Safe mode at all, all it does it beep once, then 12 secs later beep again and turn off, while i see this as a common thing across forums, no one has answered why they cant get into safe mode or the cause.

I have tried a new pad, no change, i tried to update from USB, but it didnt like that, will try a different stick as i dont think it likes the one im using.

The PS4 OS boots up ok, but i have had errors saying its missing, which makes me think either the software is corrupt or the HD on its way. Can anyone suggest something i have missed or explain why it is i cannot enter safe mode.



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I don't know much of this issue, and when you say "pad", do you mean a controller? Or the legit pad on the controller? But anyways, the only solution I could suggest if you think its a OS issue is to try a different hard drive in the system then try to USB update it. Use any hard drive laying around or buy an USB 3.0 Hard drive enclosure, put your hard drive in it now, then hook it up to some form of Computer and reformat it from there, completely erasing everything on the drive. Then put it back and try to USB it with the Playstation OS.

That would do the same thing as buying a new hard drive but could be cheaper. NOT sure at all if that would fix it but maybe worth a try?

(https://www.amazon.com/Eaxer-Enclosure-T...) ---- This is an enclosure you can buy if you want to try that!

-Brett (Haha, us Brett's got to stick together)

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Hey Brett.

I forgot I had this here oops. I kinda solved the problem actually. The issue lies with the bluetooth/wifi chip firmware, the error coming up is related to some corrupted code on the chip, only way to fix it was to remove the chip and edit the code. Something I didn't want to do. However I know someone who does so it's all good now.


And yes, by pad I meant controller. Always called them pads, shows my age


Ah okie dokie man. Good luck! Peace Brett :)


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