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Will this mac operate on 1333MHz instead of 1600MHz?

Hey all, my first post here so I hope you can all be kind and maybe help me out :)

So I am actually writing firstly for some technical advice and secondly for some more general advice.

I currently have a MBP early 2011 that experienced some water damage. My Mac isn't charging and after some diagnostics I have decided its a better idea to get a refurbished replacement.

I recently upgraded the HDD to a Seagate Firecuda SSHD and also upgraded the RAM to 16gb at 1333MHz of crucial memory. I would love to be able to salvage the upgrades and kinda want to get the Mid-2012 for the USB 3.0. Also it will be so much easier simply installing the SSHD into the 'new' mac than moving it over so I am super looking forward to that idea.

MacBooks from Mid 2012 use up to 16GB of RAM at 1600 MHz and most people list this as the minimum speed.

So my first question is- will my 1333 MHz 16 GB Crucial Memory work on a Mid-2012 MBP? will not accept it? will there be problems? or can I still use it but it will just be slow? Should I be paying out for yet anther upgrade?

Secondly I want to ask about which upgrade I should actually go for. The Mid 2012 is selling for 320£ but I also have a friend who will to sell me her MBP early 2015 for 400£ with 8GB RAM and 128 GB SSD. Apparently the display is outstanding, the model isn't vintage yet, its thinner, lighter, and probably is likely to last me longer. One of the worst setbacks though is the fact that the Mac is non upgradable.

While I think the 2015 is worth it for the price, are the specs of the 2015 worth it in spite of that small memory and the pain of having to set up a new laptop and constantly be juggling memory? which mac would you get- mid 2012 or early 2015? or alternatively I also found a early 2011 for 185£?

I know the second one isn't very much about fixing stuff- But I hope the ifixit community can help :)

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Apparently your friend has a retina machine. IMHO it is not even close in value to the 2012 non-retina. Just price out a display replacement as opposed to a glass repair. The retina is non-upgradable. To me, the retina is half the value of a non-retina.

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Hey thanks for the reply! Yeah this is what I was thinking! Not only is not upgradable - but also if theres ever an issue I cant fix it myself! on the other hand Apple still supports an early 2015 model so if I need repairs they an still help (except £££).

So what about this whole MHz difference? will my RAM work or does the mid 2012 *Need* 1600MHz?


The older mac uses PC-10600 and your newer system uses PC3-12800 while both are DDR3 RAM they have different keys preventing re-use.


dissappointed to hear that but finally a real answer - Thanks dan :)


as a side note- Dan, what would you do? go for a 2015 retina for 400, mid 2012 for 320, or the 2011 for 185- or alternatively now I am thinking of getting a 15 inch Mbp from 2012 - for like 500?


@teebs - While I do like the retina displays the newer system have, I do find the hi-res version of the older 2011 ~ 2012 Unibody is the best system Apple has come out with for what I have needed. It offers 16 GB of RAM support and has a repayable 2.5" SATA drive.

Would I like a more powerful system for sure YES! But, Apple doesn't make it at this time for a working high end Pro like my self. I want something that can be serviced and has the ability to expand as my needs change. The MacBook Pro's Apple is making now are high end throw-away's! Not really serviceable or upgradable, its intended for the ones that what a high performance ultra low weight system.

I'm doing more photography as of late, and I have to do edit my stuff on my 2013 Mac Pro as its to intense for my MacBook Pro. I'm waiting for the new Mac Pro to be intro'ed at the end of the year to decide which way I'll go for my next desktop system. And, If Apple comes out with a workstation class laptop this year that competes with HP's new systems then I'll stick with Apple otherwise I'll likely jump to HP.

But thats me not you! You need to figure out what you need.


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