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Pc randomly shuts down without warning

Recently, my PC shuts down without any warning. Sometimes its when I'm launching fortnite, other times I'm just in chrome.

The strangest part is it just started happening recently, and sometimes its stable, others it crashes, keeps crashing and then becomes stable again.

It might be my GPU, but I'm not really sure. whats going on because all my temps are stable and there's no error messages or anything when it dies, boots back up or in the system logs, just a critical error saying my pc wasn't shut down properly.

If anyone has ideas I can try, that would be a huge help!! Also if you have questions please ask! Thanks!

My specs are

AMD Fx-6300

AMD R7-260x

8gb ram

corsair CX-600

120gb ssd

1tb hdd

Update 05/11/18:

As of now, another problem showed up and I had to reinstall windows. It was fine when testing in Windows 7 before, and I have not had problems yet in windows 10. So I think it was something with my windows install that was breaking it. Thanks for all your help!

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Hi @cam2363

Try running furmark to stress your GPU,

you may consider downloading 3DMark Basic Edition to test your systems.


If you have a spare power supply, consider replacing and test for some time.

btw what mainboard are you using currently?


@salmonjapan Thanks! I will. And i dont think the Psu is the issue. if it still happens ill try and a Gigabyte 970A-D3p


@salmonjapan was doing the test and it crashed. Im going to do it again, if it crashes again probably my gpu...


@salmonjapan again. Any clue why? and a great time too considering they are SUPER expensive


@salmonjapan Now its been running fine and its not crashing. I dont understand


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If suddenly shut down is high temperature or electrical problem.

If it was your gpu, pc would stay powered on even if screen turn black or something like this.

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Its not temperature, all are stable and at good temps. My cpu is only at 40-50C which is a low temp for a cpu. It might be power, but the psu is only 2 years old and ive had no previous problems. Ill test it later


This Sounds like a PSU problem. Even tho it is only two years old it may be bad. One of our office PC did this and we did fix it by replacing the video card. But it showed high temps on the card.


@berrypatchit Yea, under load my card gets up to around 85-90C, which is very hot. Ill test another psu when i can and report back later


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