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Repair guides and support for motorcycles manufactured by Kawasaki.

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My Bike shuts off while riding

Hi, My ninja 300 had randomly shutting off while riding. My like started flickering and it kept shutting off ever since. I did change the battery but the problems hasn't been solved. Do you have an idea what could be the cause ?

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1 Antwort

Could be fuel, spark or air.

If it is an electric fuel pump, when you first turn on the key you should hear it prime, if you don't that is more than likely your problem. Check your fuse first. If not electric, check your fuel filter and or vacuum line to the pump.

Take a look at your air filter see if it is dirty. If so either clean or replace. If no joy, then move on to your spark plugs, see if they are producing a nice fat blue spark. Pull the leads off all plugs, pull out one first or all. Pop one in to the plug lead you wish to test. Ground the plug, then hit the starter. You should see a fat blue spark. If not, clean and re-gap your plugs or renew. If cleaning and re-gapping, then retest your plugs. If renewing reattach everything and run. If still nothing, look at fuel. If carburettor, see if it is gunked up and if you are comfortable with pulling it apart do so. Clean it out thoroughly. Put it back together.

After all this, and still nothing. Then it could be a timing or valve clearance issue.

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