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I7+ touch issues after screen replacement


I changed screen on a i7+, worked fine for almost a day when the touch started to be messy.

I tried the old screen and it worked perfectly.

Ordered a few more screens and the same issue is there.

I tried to tape the connector and the flexcable shields just to make sure.

(The screens are not low quality).

The phone is updated to latest version aswell.

Anyone of you still got issues with i7+? And got any solutions?

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Try reseating the connections with the new screen, and then doing a hard reset. With the iPhone 7, I believe it is sleep/wake button and volume up. Hold until you see the Apple logo.

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The procedure to hard reset is as goes:

Press volume up, then press volume down, then hold power for 15 seconds. It's weird but it's apparently set like that due to the SOS emergency call feature with the volume keys and the home button does not function until the phone is fully booted up.


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I have the same issue, original screen works fine but non-Apple screen seem to have an intermittent touch screen issue (unresponsive a couple of times per day, requiring a hard reset to restore touch functionality).

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I'm going to assume apple is messing around with aftermarket screens touch functionality. I think we still need to put an original screen, restore the phone then put the aftermarket one back on.

I have not confirmed this yet because I have not ran into the issue yet.


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