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Repair and disassembly guides for doors and windows.

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New construction window has gap

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I have someone who is installing windows in my house and there is a large gap between the sill and the outside frame. The gap is the same on every window throughout the house. Does this look normal before they caulk the window.

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I have the same problem now and don;t know how to deal with it


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Hi @abrahamus,

If the window installation is also a new construction, contact the installer and get them back to install it properly.

Tell them that it is unacceptable in this condition. Also if you haven’t already done so, don’t pay them as maybe this will guarantee that they will come back. If they don't then at least they haven't been paid for their poor work

If they won’t help and they sub-contracted the work from a builder etc contact the builder about the problem.

Don’t let them get away with shoddy workmanship!

Just my $0.02

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