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I spilled a bit of juice on my keyboard, what should I do?

Hey, yesterday I spilled juice on my macbook’s keyboard’s shift key. It was like 1-2 teaspoons or 1-2 ml. So, I immadiately clean the key and the spaces around the key. Everything was ok until 1-2 hours ago. I realised that the key is sticky. But everything is working great. I looked on internet, some of the people say, there will be a huge damage like corrosion. I am trying to be optimistic, because lately my spacebar was broken and I gave 500$ to fix it (whole keyboard is changed). I cannot afford another huge price. I am a developer and I need my computer so I do not want to face with any problems in the future. So what should I do? I am really scared if I go a service and they say “Oh you are died, you need to pay another 500$ for keybord and motherboard and bla bla must be changed so give me 2000$”. Please help me with your brilliant ideas and your knowladge. I feel so unlucky and depressed.

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Don't worry, its definitely not dead! Corrosion would not have started yet but it will eventually! Solution: clean it. It should be easy to clean just open up the computer (The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit should have all the things you need to open it) and clean of the bits that have juice sticking to them. The key is just moving slower because the key is sticking to the part below it. (Also remember to take pictures of each stage of opening the computer so you know where all the little screws go!) Good luck to you sir.

Edit: Numerous grammar mistakes in my post so I fixed it.

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Thanks for relaxing me, I will call service tomarrow to ask for clean. I do not want to do it because I may stuck somewhere. Thanks for help I can smile again i think


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