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The Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX was released by Vtech in August 2015. There are six different colors of the Kidizoom Smart Watch DX, but repair guides for all models are the same.

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Where do I find replacement bands for these watches?

Got my grandson one of these watches and he broke the wristband. Where do I find a black wrist band that I can replace the broken one with. Do i order them from you or can I go locally (like to Target) where I purchased the watch originally?


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I need BLACK...most shown are purple...


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ifixit does not sell parts for the Kidizoom smartwatch.

The question regarding obtaining replacement wrist bands for the watch has been asked before on ifixit.

wrist band for watch

According to one of the answers on 30/3/2017:

Vtech's "official" position is that the band is not a replaceable part. They don't sell them on their website.

Subsequent responses in the thread confirm that you cannot purchase a replacement band for the watch.

If you are in the USA you could try this link, select the letter K and find out what parts (if any ) are available for the watch.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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