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An Android 4.4 smartphone released in August 2014.

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Why can I not download photos from my phone to computer

Why can I not download photos from my BLU 5.0 phone to computer

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How are you connecting the phone to the computer - with a USB cable? If you are using a USB3 cable, try a USB2 cable (or even a USB1 cable). Sometimes USB3 won't work, because the device doesn't have USB3 capability. And make sure you plug the cable into a non-USB3 port on the computer.

Some devices simply won't connect to the computer with a USB cable; either that, or there are a lot of issues involved with doing that. Here are a couple of things you could try:

  • Insert a micro SD card into your phone; copy the pictures to the micro SD card; move the micro SD card to your computer; copy the pics from the card to the computer.
  • Set up a free Dropbox account; send your pics to Dropbox from your phone; log into Dropbox from your computer and download the pics from Dropbox to the computer.

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