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How to tell what lcd connector will fit?

Hi I have a touch screen mod, it's a laisimo. It arrived to me with a broken lcd connector on the board. Obviously you can't just go to the shop and buy a new connector, Any idea how I would be able to know what connector it is? For example would a iPhone / Samsung lcd connector fit?


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I would just return it and get a replacement unit.

Connectors vary from device to device so without seeing the connector it would be a guess. Often these are custom parts given the size limits.

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Well if if was under warranty I would return it but considering I purchased it used and its several years old I doubt if they would replace it.


Then they scammed you into buying their broken device. I would still try to get my money back in that case.

Did it arrived in a crushed box or improperly packed? You might get some relief from the carrier if you still have the packing.


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