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An upgrade to the HP Chromebook 11 G5. Released in Q4 2016, with a retail price of ~$170. Low end, plastic body. Runs Chrome OS

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HP Chromebook Keys not responding

One of our users brought this chromebook in to be repaired - several keys were not responding at all and others only respond when pressed aggressively, multiple times. I have read accounts where this same model & issue was addressed by removing the face plate and cleaning the keyboard and connections. I am attempting that now, but would appreciate any advice.

If successful, I will document my teardown and repair for others.

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After posting this, I checked the suspect keys for dust & debris. I then took apart the Chromebook and repositioned the ribbon cable in its socket and checked the integrity of the cable all along it's length.

Once the cable was attached securely, the problem was resolved.

I will post photos of teardown for those who may want it.

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Yes, I would love to see pictures. I have taken apart my HP14 chromebook several times, but nothing works so far. I think the problem might be the folds the ribbon cable.


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I’m a Chromebook technician and ive found with this model that the cables come out very easily. When we have these issues I reseat the cables and use anti-static tape to keep it in place 95% of the time it fixes the issue.

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Hi @daveyvee

That would be a good start, normally I will check the keyboard for any dirt and debris between keys.... using camera blower / compressed air... shoo shoo those hair ... finger nails, skin, dust, dead skin.. .etc.

next is to clean the LVDS connector of the keyboard, also also use a camera blower to blow out the dust and debris in the LVDS socket.

else if it does not work, a replacement module is necessary.

do not screw over tight on the replacement keyboard, just to hold in well, as due to thermal, it may contract and expands ... which I think it may cause stress to internal circuity of the keyboard module.

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After a lot of use, the ribbon connector for the keyboard may be damaged along the 2 folds. If re-inserting the ribbon cable only has temporary effect or only works for some keys, see what happens if you raised the keyboard so that the folds are straight.

I needed to find a way of keeping the folds unfolded just enough while simultaneously being folded in the case. Yes, this is a design issue with the chromebook whereby the flexing of the keyboard during normal use causes the folds to become increasingly problematic.

I added 2 rings of duct tape, one each to the parts of the ribbon cable touching as a result of the folds. I assumed this would hold the folds straight enough so that they would work:

Block Image

Works fine now.

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