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The Acer Aspire One model D225E is a 10.1-inch netbook that features an ultra-thin and lightweight design with a powerful battery making it ideal for everyday computing on the go. Also known as Acer Aspire One D255E-13639.

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I have no idea how to fix the format.

My Excel program began to behave strangely after the system virus was penetrated into the software of my PC, which is now found and neutralized by the antivirus. After some time, Excel when editing files began to often give errors about the wrong format and data corruption, which led to distortion of information in some files. For example, instead of calculations, meaningless symbols began to appear and the format changed. The Excel update partially solved the problem with the errors that were generated in the newly created files. But there were incorrect files that I have no idea how to fix the format. How to be?

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What virus got into your computer? And what is your antivirus program?

It is likely that the messed-up files cannot be repaired. Likely the only hope you have is to find backup copies of these files, such as files you have emailed out - you could get the copy that you emailed out.

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It sounds like your Excel has crashed before you have saved the changes you have made. If AutoRecover has been set, Excel will try to recover the latest save it has, unless the crash occurred before the first autosave is made. You can make these happen according to a time interval set in your Excel options. For instructions on this see the link below this repair xlsx file:



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If you face issues while working in an Excel file, select to return to the last saved version of the Excel file. For this:

·         Click on File. Select Open.

·         Double click on the name of the workbook (the one that at is open in your Excel)

·         Click Yes to reopen it.

The workbook will now appear. Please note that you will not have latest modifications in the newly opened document.

Source: www.repairmsexcel.com/blog/restore-delet...

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