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Released in October, 2015. Identified by Model Number GL752VW-DH74.

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How to fix ribbon cable attachment to touchpad

I opened my laptop to clean dust out and while prying the keyboard open two of the three ribbon cables came undone on their own. I've fixed one (the skinny one on the right when you're facing the screen) but the one leading to the touchpad (skinny white one on the left) possibly broke? The end connected to the motherboard with a snap in latch is still attached, it's the other end that attaches to the touchpad may be broken (there's no way to snap it in - did I break that?) The cable itself seems intact and the end of the cable has the silver metal lines that make the connection.

The computer works fine except for the touchpad being completely dead. I haven't been able to find a picture of what it should look like when attached.

Any help is appreciated! I'd rather fix this myself than take it in someplace.

Block Image

Block Image

Images of reattached ribbon wire - my partner slid it in metal pieces up but the touchpad does not work. There's no clip on this attachment.

Block Image

This is the side that remained attached to the motherboard.


Looks like we slid it in upside down, and I think the pins are now bent. Thinking I need to replace the touchpad now. There seems to be no way to slide it in and taping the ribbon wire down doesn't work.

Block Image

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The ribbon cable has exposed metal connectors on one side, and on the flip side of the ribbon cable the metal connectors are not exposed. Here's what you might try: Put some small pieces of scotch tape on the non-exposed side. Make sure that the pieces of scotch tape are just wide enough to fit on the non-exposed side of the ribbon cable without any tape extending past the edge of the cable. Putting the pieces of tape on the cable will make the cable thicker, causing the cable to fit more snugly into the socket. Keep adding pieces of tape and plugging the cable into the socket until it is thick enough to stay snugly and securely in the socket. In fact, make it as thick as possible and still fit into the socket. Hopefully it will stay in the socket securely if you make it thick enough.

Good luck.

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Thank you for responding. Are the metal connectors supposed face up or down?


It depends on the socket. Look in the socket to see where the metal tabs are. The metal connectors on the ribbon cable have to be able to touch the metal tabs in the socket.

If there is another ribbon cable nearby, the cable may plug in the same way as that other cable. Also, since this cable has been plugging into that socket for a long time, it will probably naturally plug in the right way. But you can confirm the direction by looking in the socket. Get a magnifying glass and a flashlight, so you can see what is in the socket.


Thanks. I just posted an update above - it looks like we forced it in upside down - the pins are bent now. I'm thinking I need to replace the touchpad?


If you aren't completely sure that you can straighten the pins, then yes, you need to replace the touchpad. That is, unless you can somehow remove the cable from the touchpad and then replace only the cable. You'll have to find out if you can buy just the cable. Perhaps someone on Ebay would have a replacement cable or a replacement touchpad with cable. Ebay is a good place to look for stuff like this.


Thank you for your help.


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