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Nintendo GameCube Controller DOL-003. Erschien im November 2001, kompatibel mit dem Nintendo GameCube, der Nintendo Wii und der Nintendo Wii U. Reparaturen an diesem Gerät sind nicht kompliziert und erfordern nur gewöhnliche Werkzeuge.

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Why is my right trigger keep activating without me pressing it?

The R trigger is very sensitive to the point where it feels like if you even shake it, it will register. In games like smash 4, this has caused menu's to be rabid, and hard to select which mode I want. I air dodge and roll all the time unexpectedly. I am comfortable with a full tear down if any solutions require that.

So I've tried cleaning the sensor with rubbing alcohol, and cleaning the sliding rails, but it hasn't fixed it. I'm including links to show the problem and the controller.

https://1drv.ms/v/s!AjuAwwVhXweQkAmUD8Qd... - link to controller monitoring

https://imgur.com/a/0ZGXOI4 - link to inside the controller

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_conti... - link on how it affects games

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There might be a foreign object present in that part of the controller. Taking a magnifier and a bright light can help you find that object. If there were no foreign object preset. Replacing the film is the last option.

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I don't know what the film is, but I have made sure the controller is clean. I have some videos added to my answer to show what I'm talking about.


forget about the film. The rubber might be the problem. the rubber is the only thing that makes contact with the sensor. clean the black dot. and clean the point where the black dot touches it.


See, I've cleaned it with rubbing alcohol, but its the slider thats making it do it. In my monitoring link, I can see that the button isn't being activated randomly, but its the controller slider. Which I'm not able to see how to fix, since I don't really see the problem on the controller.


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