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First generation of the Acura TL.

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Location and diagram if crankshaft position sensor

I am having trouble locating where the sensor and the plugs are on my 96 acura 2.5tl car turns over but won't start until I changed my fuel filter my car will start only for a couple minutes at a time but won't stay runing, if even the sensor is the problem I have also tried fuel pressure test but my car doesn't run so don't know if it can be tested that way I have also been advised it could be the fuel pump but pump kicks on, was also wondering how to clean the sensor and taking the fuel rail off and cleaning that

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The car doesnt need to run to get a read on fuel pressure just cycle the pump . connect you pressure tester to the schrader valve on the fuel rail .Then cycle the pump by turning the key on but not turning over the engine ,listen for the pump this will prime the fuel rail and you will see what pressure it is making . As the car is a 1996 the obdII system could be of use to you so get the codes read. this will tell you if there is an issue with the crank sensor . As for the location your question was answered by @oldturkey03 here Crank shaft positioning sensor . If the car wont stay running I would doubt its the crank sensor. If it were a crank sensor it wouldn't start at all . I would also look for fuel leaks and check for missing heat shields where the fuel lines pass by anything hot like an exhaust manifold . if the fuel is getting hot in the lines it can vaporize before reaching the injectors

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Ok i have had starting fluid sprayed in before I changed the fuel filter (which dirty crap was coming out of) and it would start and die, after i changed it will start by holding gas peddle down and as soon as I hit the throttle it dies right away


Very clear and knowledgeable presentation. Thank you!


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