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ps4 wont turn on (makes beep but no light)

iv'e tried heap's of different ways but they havn't worked including using wall power, unpluging and replugging cords and also hitting it and it still doesn't work.

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1 Antwort

You REALLY shouldn’t hit your PS4. When did that start happening, and what were you doing before that? Anyway, no light sounds like a power issue. Check to make sure your power cord is plugged in correctly. If that doesn’t help, switch power cords. If none of these help, you might want to invest in a new power supply. I’m not 100% sure though. Answering my questions to you would really help me find the true cause.



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it happened a while age and i ended up fixing it by banging it on my knee but it is doing the same thing again. all i did was unplug from power while it was in rest mode and had it packed away for 6 days and just now tried to replug it but it is doing the same thing as last time


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