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The Hisense Chromebook C11 is a 16GB Chromebook with 2GB of RAM, produced by Hisense.

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Chromebook DC car charger?

I am looking to buy a 12 V DC car charger for a chromebook.

How do I determine the correct tip size, is there a way to measure it?

Chromebook Input: 12 V ~ 2.0 A, 24 W

Do you think this one is compatible?

[http:// http://a.co/72grp8b|http://a.co/72grp8b]

output 15 V - 24 V (to me, this seems too high, since the chromebook states input is 12 V)

input 10 V - 15 V

Thank you for any help

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This helped with understanding the voltage part of my question, I'd still like to know how to measure the tip size.



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Walmart has a charger which they say is for the Hisense Chromebook C11:


One of the comments said that this charger is not UL approved and that he sees a spark everytime he plugs it in.

If you do a search for "Hisense Chromebook C11 AC adapter" (without the quotes), you will find lots of chargers for your Chromebook.

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This is a standard AC power adapter. I am looking for a DC power car charger. Completely different.


If you can't find a DC power car charger for this computer, you could get an AC power adapter, and then get a voltage inverter for the car which will allow you to plug in the AC adapter in the car. Here is one that looks good:


It is rated as having 400W output, plus two USB charging ports.

With a DC to AC voltage inverter, not only would you be able to power your Chromebook (with an AC adapter), but you could also power anything else you want that doesn't draw more than the capacity of this unit.


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I am having the same problem of finding the tip size of the power adapter. I did find a higher rated wall adapter that might interest you. It states that it's the official OEM adapter.


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I finally found this info:

Output 12v 1500mA


Thank you for taking the time to answer, but I'm looking for a DC charger to use in the car, not a regular AC plug you would use in the house.

I may get this one:



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