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The Motorola G5s Plus can be identified by its model number: XT1804 (varies based on country). It is an updated version of the 5th generation of Motorola’s Moto G series. Some distinguishing features of this device are its metal unibody design, improved front and rear cameras, and bigger battery.

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Usb charger smells burnt after use with my phone

I bought and started using my g5s plus 12 days ago, today i notuced a soft bu,zing sound coming from my turbo power charger(included in the box) and i looked into it. While doing this i found my usb port( on the power brick) and the usb connecter( that goes in the power brick) smelt burnt.

I tried another charger thay has been used with a moto e4 before and that smells a little bit burnt too now.

Turbopower is 3 amperes

Does this have something to do with my phone or is this normal?

Should i get my phone replaced(if so is that free or is this noy covered by warrabty)?

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Also, is it stilk safe to charge my phone now?


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Get the phone replaced. This should be covered under warranty. It was caused probably by the fast charger

/ cable provided by your phone or the charging circuit not working properly on your phone. I would also ask for the wall charger and cable to be replaced just in case.

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