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low-cost notebook with at least basic gaming power, includes the models G50-30, G50-45, G50-70, G50-80.

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keyboard ( bottom line) has just stopped working today,

My keyboard ( bottom line) has just stopped working today, so I cannot even put my password in to ask a question. My McAfee subscription ended one hour before. Is this a coincidence ?

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Yes, thats a coincidence, also if you have a problem then please open up a new topic.


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Hi @treatment1 ,

Did you spill any liquids on the keyboard at all?

If you have you may have to check the motherboard as well for any damage.

If you haven’t then perhaps it may be a keyboard cable connection problem or a faulty keyboard

Try plugging in and using a USB keyboard until the laptop’s keyboard’s cable connection can be checked or the keyboard is replaced. You can cause more problems than what you had when attempting to repair a keyboard.

Here’s a link to the service manual for your IdeaPad.

Scroll to p.43 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the keyboard. You can check the keyboard cable connection when doing this.

Scroll to p.78-79 to view the part numbers for all the keyboards available for your series IdeaPad. Find the part number for the keyboard appropriate to your particular model variant. The part number is also sometimes printed on the underside of the keyboard so that you can verify that you have the correct number.

Once you have the part number, search online using the part number only in your browser’s search box, to find suppliers of the part.

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