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The Land Rover Defender (initially called the Land Rover Ninety and Land Rover One Ten) is a British four-wheel drive off-road vehicle developed from the original Land Rover Series launched in June 1948.

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Why is my 2004 Td5 emitting some bluish whitish smoke,?

When i warm it in the morning the smoke is heavy and its embarassing because its heavy and its a cloud of thick bluish and white smoke

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Hi Sly,

Typically in internal combustion engines, blue smoke is a sign of the engine burning excess oil, and white smoke is a sign the engine is burning coolant. Now a lot of different things can cause these problems. Assuming your Defender has higher mileage, these are what I think could be causing it:

Blue Smoke: Worn valve seals, worn piston rings, worn engine oil seals, or head gasket failure.

White Smoke: Warped cylinder head, cracked engine block, or head gasket failure

Now some white smoke at startup is normal, especially when it is cooler outside. That is usually just steam coming off from the condensation inside the exhaust pipe.

Because you have both kinds only at start-up, I think it could be a head gasket starting to give out. I would have your mechanic check it out sooner than later.

Best Regards,


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