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Released on November 2017 Intel Apollo Lake N3450 4GB RAM 64 GB ROM 10.8'' FullHD

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Buying Touch screen for replacement

I'm looking for a touch screen to replace my broken one. The IPS panel looks ok, did not find any blank pixel.

I've been looking on all webstores I know (AliExpress, Bangood, Amazon, Ebay, etc) with no luck for the moment.

Also disassembled the tablet and doesn't seem difficult to replace, could post a complete review. But the problem is to find the proper touch screen.

So, can someone help me? Where can I buy a touch screen for Chuwi Surbook Mini?

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If anyone is interested, just contact service@chuwi.com


did you get a new one? how much was it worth? how difficult is to change the screen? sorry for spamming you! so many doubts and so little information...


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Hi I need to replace mine too. Found a few options on AliExpress. Anyone can share instructions to replace?

Thanks in advance!

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