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Released November 2013. 32 GB of Flash Memory. 8GB of RAM. Quad-Core Processor. Identified by model number EGQ307. 7.58 x 4.60 x 0.45 inches. 1080 x 600. 4.5 hours battery life.

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How do I factory reset my ematic tablet?

I forgot my pattern for my tablet. And I have tried the pattern a bunch of times and it says that it is the wrong pattern then I try factory resetting it and wiping the data and when I press on it there is a bunch of no's and no yes's at all I do not know what else to do can you please help me fast thank you.

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I can I unlock my ematic tablet. I forgot the pin number


How do you unlock an Ematic tablet that has a pin already set up that you were never given


@erickbrewitt2 ,

Did you try to hard reset it as shown in the link in the answer below, you didn't say?


How to reset how to tablet but I have hard reset it but it still keeps saying put in an old Google account that used to be in it well I've tried that too and it won't let me do nothing I've called Google Google says it has to do with Ematic and I cannot get ahold will the Ematic company help me


Can't get past the stupid broken android icon. Bios set up page was useless. (Hold down buttons, etc) works great as a paperweight!


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Here is a guide on how to factory reset your tablet. I’m sure you know this but if you factory reset your tablet all your data will be erased!


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Hi @sstrasser409

If you have an Ematic EGQ307 then you can connect to WiFI and download etc.

Here’s the user manual for the tablet, that will help you.

The tablet has a micro SD card slot if you want to increase the storage in the tablet for all the downloads by inserting a micro SD card. It supports up to 32GB

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