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Aktualisierte Version des Retina MacBook 2015. Modell A1534, EMC 2991.

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Keyboard and Mouse randomly cut out and stop working.

The built-in trackpad and keyboard randomly cut out and stop working every time, when the actual mac os operating system loaded. I get a message that I need to use a bluetooth keyboard.

I have formatted the entire ssd and now I am able to login most of the time, but after login the keyboard and mouse cut out and I am no longer able to use it. I have booted into safe mode and the trackpad and keyboard don't even work in login. I have also tried all the SMC, PRAM and ran apples diagnostics which don't display any hardware errors.

Are there any solutions to fixing this issue as the mac no longer has warranty?

Many thanks


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Apple may fix it for you for free:

Keyboard Service Program for MacBook and MacBook Pro


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Because of the way the trackpad handles the signals (it takes the keyboard signals and daisy chains through itself to the mobo) you most likely need to replace the trackpad itself and you should restore functionality. Does your power button still work?

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I’ve the same problem (many years later). The keyboard ánd trackpad stopped working at the same time. Nothing seems to work (like PRAM and SMC reset). External mouse and keyboard works fine though.

I’ll try to replace the trackpad flex cable. And I hope it will do the trick. Apple says I should replace the top case. But I’m not sure why that would solve the problem.

Edit: I replaced the trackpad (with the original cable), that worked! Both keyboard and trackpad work fine now!

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