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A mini home-theater projector released in 2016 by DBPower Electronics.

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blcak dot on screen while projection

i have purchased db power t20 projector and while operating i observed that a black dot gradually occupied entire screen. kindly let me know the problem

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I have also developed this problem. Come to find out through reading Amazon reviews that others have the same issue. It seems to be a plastic coating on the Glass piece in the projector that is being burned by the bulb. The amazon review is provided below.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Amazon Review:

Caution Maybe Fire Hazard over Long term use!

February 8, 2018

Color: Black(Classical)|Verified Purchase

Worked great for a while. A month or so after using the lens picked up a small amount of dust. Not too big but an annoyance. Now here is where it starts to get interesting. I started seeing a yellowing of the projected image. It started out really small at first and kept growing. Eventually, it became so bad I removed the projector and put up my old 3m projector back to use. I decided to take it apart to see if it was just a simple fix. Opening it up shocked me! One of the glass pieces has a piece of plastic on it that was completely burnt by the projector light. I'm talking bad like fire in your house bad. I know there is a fan in the system to keep it cool and I also verified that the fan was working properly as well. I suggest looking at another projector. Be careful if you have this projector and don't leave it running unattended!!!

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does anyone know where i can order this piece of glass to replace mine that is having sa

me issue?


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