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The camera has a 2.7” LCD screen, a 12 megapixel Four Thirds sized sensor, and a built - in flash. Dimmensions are 115 x 72 x 42mm.

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Blank Black Screen, unable to do anything

he battery is fully charged, the blue light comes on but the screen is completely blank, unable to look at menu or take pictures. SD card is switched on.

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Try taking a picture (I realize that you cannot “see” in the camera’s LCD display, what you are taking) and download it to a computer.

If there is an image then most likely there is a problem with the LCD display (or perhaps the connection to the display).

Here’s a link to the ifixit Olympus E-PL1 LCD Screen Replacement guide which may be of some help.

Replacement LCD screens are available online. Just search for Olympus E PL1 lcd screen part to get results for suppliers of the part.

If there is a black image then there may be a problem with the camera’s CCD sensor or perhaps the motherboard.

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