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Digital camera released April, 2014. The Lumix contains a 14.1 Megapixel with 24 mm ultra-wide angle lens.

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Orb on photos...need to clean inside?

I have read dust on the lens shouldn't be visible on images, but I have an orb that shows up in the same place on many photos. (It's not a ghost, though I bet the Stanley Hotel wold have been thrilled to see my pics.)

I can see a white spot on lens in the lower right edge of the inner circle (lens?) that is visible on the image I attached. (There are many white spots when I take a photo of the lens, but these aren't readily visible when I just examine it with my eyes.)

Is this something I can fix by taking it apart?

Do you think this is dust?

And where do you think the dust or whatever is? (Lens, sensor, or ...? Could be helpful in searching for a solution.)

Do you know of a link to instructions on how I go about fixing this issue?


Block Image

Block Image

Update (06/19/2018)

I actually don't know what a cam frame is, but yes, the one I see with my naked eye is the red circled one. IF lenses work by flipping the image both horizontal and vertical, that would be the one right where the orb is on the photo. However, I also see a spot in the photo of the lens that has a spot just about exactly where the orb is now...

Block Image

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@poulsbomom If you check the disassembly document from my original answer, page 11, you see what Panasonic describes as the cam frame etc.


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If those spots are the ones you are referring to

Block Image

then this could be a tricky fix. Looks like the debris is just past the outside cam frame. Since there are to many steps involved to try to explain this on here, I added the disassembly instruction from the SM Disassembly-Instruction.pdf. Chapter 9-4 addresses the lens unit for repair

Or you could of course opt to replace the lens.

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