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Der Game Boy kam am 21. April 1989 in Japan auf den Markt, dann am 31. Juli 1989 in Nordamerika und schließlich am 28. September 1990 in Europa. Er ist erkennbar an einem großen grauen Gehäuse und der Modellnummer DMG-01

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My speaker and my headphone jack only makes popping noises, no sound.

Ive recently bought a Gameboy DMG, everything on it work just fine! But recently both my speaker and my headphone jack, only gives out strange pop/crackling noises, no real audio. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Heres a link to a video, showing the strange sounds coming out of my Gameboy:


Here's pictures of my back board. I dont really see any destroyed lanes, therefor i suspect the amplifier:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi Tobias Karlsen

I would suggest you to open up the Game Boy and inspect the circuit board.

Inspect for any corroded traces....

and standby for your nintendo screwdriver head

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Ok, i will do that. Do you recommend any special places i should inspect?

And what do you mean with me standing by for a nintendo screwdriver head, i already have one, and i don't remember ordering one ;D

Thanks for the answer



Hi Tobias, as Nintendo use proprietary screw head to secure their device :D

you need correct screwdriver to open it up.

Open it up, some experience said could be due to aging capacitor, but open up, and take come pics. Inspect the headphone jack too for any corrosion or dry solder joints.


OK, ill do that then, do you want pictures of the boards? :D


Do you reckon it could be the soddered contact points, on the backboard copper heatsink plate?


I don't seem to see any problems, but i've uploaded some pictures of my back board. :D


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