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Repair guides, service information, and troubleshooting help for refrigerators manufactured by Panasonic.

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Is it normal for a brand new refrigerator to have ice build up?

I bought a BRAND NEW Panasonic NR-BP9417Q 2-door refrigerator 3 weeks ago. It's NOT a non-frost refrigerator but a semi-automatic defrost where a button is pressed and it will shut off the compressor and let the ice melt by itself. Another option would be to just unplug it from the wall outlet.

When the refrigerator was delivered, I read the manual and it states that the unit should be plugged in and set to high after 5 hours and wait 2 more hours before setting it to the desired level and putting food in. I did follow the instructions.

After two hours of letting it run, I noticed that there's an ice build up on the back wall of the refrigerator compartment which I never experienced before. When the compressor stops running, the ice will melt and it will become moisture.

I called up Panasonic's customer service and gave them the model number and I was told that the condition isn't normal so they scheduled a technician from an authorized repair center to check my unit. But I decided to have the unit replaced with another brand new one of the same model which the dealer agreed right away. Unfortunately, it still has the same issue. So I agreed to have the technician from the authorized repair shop to check my unit.

According to the technician, the ice and moist build up is perfectly normal. He explained that the reason the back wall wasn't flat at all was due to cooling coils sitting behind the uneven surfaces to provide cooling to the refrigerator compartment. He explained that the non-frost that we are using before relies on a fan to blow cold air from the freezer to the refrigerator compartment and the single door fridge we have relies on the freezer to provide cooling to the refrigerator compartment since the freezer and refrigerator are in one casing.

Since his explanation is reasonable, I still want to get some opinions from people here. Is it normal for my brand new refrigerator to have ice and moist build up in the back wall of the refrigerator compartment?

I uploaded two photos. The first photo shows moisture build up when the ice has melted when the compressor is in the off state while the second photo shows the ice build after the compressor has run for some time.

Lastly, the bottom part of the back wall has a drain hole similar to the freezer compartment where water can drain into a container just above the compressor at the rear of the refrigerator.

Any information will be highly appreciated.

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Block Image

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The freezer providing the cold to the refrigeration is how 95% of them work. It's usually controlled by a vent from the freezer section to the fridge section and usually in the very lowest compartment of the fridge ()meat compartment)

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Thanks for the quick response. The refrigerator I bought have no vents or opening at all. The only holes are the ones on the freezer compartment floor and the refrigerator compartment where it is sitting at the bottom of the back wall. The no-frost LG 2-Door Ref has a vent to pass cold air from the freezer to the fridge section but this semi-automatic defrost that I bought recently is sealed except for the two holes I mentioned for draining water.


Yeah, mine also. I bought panasonic NR-BP7617Q just 3 days ago. Ive followed the 5hours high temp 2 hours desired temp. I set the temp to low since it was empty and it only contain water bottles. I have only loaded it today after three days and i noticed that at the back of the refrigerator there is ice building up but it doesnt cool while the freezer works normally.

I also noticed some moisture building up. Ive checked for the gasket if there is possible cool air coming out of the ref, there's none.


Srr if you git all the parking inserts out then check my original answer. Don't scorned to much time as it's under warranty. BTW when it was move, did it stay in an upright position at all times?


I have a 2016 I imperial the freezer is working perfectly but the bottom build up a lot of ice and there is no were in side to pull to see what's the problem


Tamara I re-read your question 5m times and don't understand it. Please re-word it in a coherent fashion.


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If the freezer has a lot of frost or ice built up and the fresh food section is warm, and the freezer is fine, the problem is in the defrost circuit. All the ice is blocking the cold air to tge fresh food section. If you thaw the refrigerator by turning it off and leaving the doors open for 2 days, it will work fine for about 2 weeks, until the ice builds up again. To determine which componant failed, you’ll need to test ohms on tge heater, sensors and defrost thermostat with a multimeter or schedule a service call.

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I have the same problem I’ve had my fridge for 2 months and the ice builds up but defrost the same day so I wipe then go in fridge a few hours later then same again it’s like deja vue and this has happened from day one has definitely spoilt my enjoyment of having a new fridge it’s not a defrost

Fridge but still it looks like it’s run a marathon every couple hours then I wipes the sweat off I’m thinking of trying to send back and get a frost free

One. It starting to do my head in 😡


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Hi @Paul Webbe

What is the make and model number of the refrigerator?

Check that the door seals are OK and that the doors are aligned top and bottom to close and seal the compartments properly (hinges?) preventing warmer moist outside air from entering the compartments.

To check the seals, place a sheet of paper between the door and the door jamb and with the door shut normally, try to pull the paper out.

It will come with a bit of an effort but not that easily and should definitely not fall out by itself.

Do this at various places around the doors(s), top, bottom and both sides.

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My fridge is a candy where is the model number could not find it try the paper thing the paper was hard to pull out so it can’t be that least I don’t think so.


@Paul Webbe

Usually the model number is shown on the user manual that comes with the refrigerator or there is a label on the back of the cabinet near the compressor which has all the product details.

Regarding ice inside the compartments:

This is due to the humidity in the warmer outside air which enters the compartments when the doors are opened during normal use, condensing and then freezing although there shouldn't be any ice (frost) in the refrigerator compartment except perhaps close to the vent where the cold air comes from the freezer compartment which is used to cool the fridge compartment down to the set temp (3°-5°C or 36°-39°F). The freezer compartment is different as this is where the evaporator unit is situated (behind a panel, inside at the back of the compartment) and it produces the cold temperatures as it operates at -18°C (0°F) so ice buildup will happen.

So it may be a case of door management e.g. are the doors being left open for too long at a time or not being shut properly. Most high end refrigerators have a door alarm that goes off if the doors are left open for more than 3 minutes but this feature is not in every make/model.

A case in point was with my elderly mother. She was always complaining about the milk not being cold enough and ice build up on the back wall near the vent. Turns out that she was not ensuring that she shut the door properly. To overcome this I slightly raised the refrigerator at the front by adjusting the front leveling feet so that the door automatically shut when it was let go from between 1/2 and 3/4 open position.

Manufacturers state that the refrigerator is supposed to be level front and back and side to side for correct operation but I found that doing this didn't cause any problems.


I have the same problem, from day one ice build up on back wall, it's a Miele integrated cists 1,500€ , I'm calling the supplier tomorrow after reading all your comments. So. Annoying, I'm frightened to open the damned thing 🙈 the old model didn't do this. 😡


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