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A Panasonic digital camera released in September 2013. The camera features 60x optical zoom and HD video and sound.

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SD card error problem

I have a Panasonic DMC- FZ7. The problem is that I get a message come up saying that there is an error with the card and to check it. I have the SD card which it says is compatible in the manual. I put the card in my laptop and other camera and it works fine in them. But once I put it in this camera, it sort of freezes and doesn't let me go on the menu or take pictures or anything. After that, the error message comes up and I can't get rid of it.

Is it the camera or the card? And how can I fix it.

Things I've tried:

Formatting the card in my laptop

Resetting the camera

Neither worked.

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Have you tried to format the card with the camera ?

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It won't let me. Once I put the card in the camera, it's like it freezes. It won't let me scroll on the menu. It opens up but won't scroll.


You need to know what kind of filesystem the camera supports. There are various utilities for attempting to repair broken filesystems. Depending on the damage and the type of filesystem the odds of success are a difficult to predict.


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My card was working very well but I removed and I put it in another phone it was now saying format then I restarted the phone again then it agrees to copy the file then I removed it and put it back to my phone it was sd card from there it didn't work

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