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Google Pixel ist Googles erstes Flaggschiff-Smartphone, welches am 20. Oktober 2016 veröffentlicht wurde. Das Gerät mit einem 5 Zoll AMOLED Display ist mit 32 GB oder 128 GB Speicher erhältlich und in 3 verschiedenen Farben, blau (Really Blue), schwarz (Quite Black) und silber (Very Silver) verfügbar.

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Intermittent Microphone Issues - OG Pixel

I have an original Google Pixel. Microphone works intermittently for phone calls & video recording. A reboot usually resolves the problem, but only temporarily. I can't pin down any pattern to when it does/doesn't work.

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I have the exact phone and issue, except mine affects both the microphone and sound on videos. Started on Thursday last week (21/06/18) and only restarting the phone fixes it (and still, just for a few minutes before it happens again...)


I have the same issue on my original Google pixel. I resolved my issue by uninstalling the Google app then disabling the app uninstalling all updates for the Google app clearing the cache and data files then rebooting the phone did reinstall the Google app


Nevermind. My phone's microphone completely stopped working now. Nothing gets it to work


My husbands phone started having this issue about 2 months ago. It is happening so much now the phone is hardly usable as a phone! Restart works 50/50 and even in safe mode (per tech support) he still has issue. Unfortunately Bluetooth doesn’t keep a great connection either because the speaker on the Bluetooth devices does work. Google has an issue and should take care of customers..... currently on hold to speak with someone because we are out of warranty. Owned the phone for 18 months!


did they do any thing with it being out of warranty. having the same issues worse now with the new software update


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Uninstall the Google app. Then clear the data and cache files for the Google app. Disable the Google app remove all permissions. Reboot the phone and reinstall the Google app and then the app

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Disables Google app and remove permissions seems to work with me


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i have the same problem.

i wrote google trough this website:

https://store.google.com/?srp=/product/p... (need to be opened on a computer)

on the bottom there is a help button, which opens a chat.

i told them my problem and that i have warranty until december 18

now i can send them my pixel and get a replace.

hope this helps someone

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This worked for me.

Pixel™, Phone by Google - Turn App Permissions On / Off

How to…….




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I followed the above instructions on disabling clearing cache and other things and the sound came back so now I'm going to try the microphone.I am also going to try to install a custom operating system. I don't like the Google operating systems anyway. I got this phone free from someone that probably gave up on the problem so it's a pretty nice gift!

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