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Assist Key Not working, Cannot Access BIOS, please help...!


i have sony Vaio S series, when i upgraded to Windows 10, the assist key just work as a power button, i cant access BIOS, i need to enable VT,,

on the other side on advance restart of windows startup, UEFI firmware settings options are not appearing in advance settings :(

Millions of thanks if someone knows how to sort out this problem

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did you solved this problem???


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There are 3 basic things that could help you:

1. Try the F2 key, if not

2. Try taking out the battery and the hard drive, plug in the power cord and power on the laptop, it should go directly to Bios Utility.

3. If the laptop does not boot directly to the main Bios you need to disarm the laptop and the out the inside 3v battery that supplies power for the Bios, then you need to make with a screwdriver a little short for 10 sec (with the power cord off) in the two contacts of the 3v battery connector. Then, power on the laptop with no 3v battery, it should reset the Bios and ask you to enter it for date-time adjustments, that is when you make the changes you need. If this works, put everything back (including the 3v Battery ) as normal.

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The key combination is Alt +F2 for windows 10 any version with non functioning assist button and viao care .

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