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Repair guides and support for the first generation Town Car, a full-size luxury sedan manufactured by Lincoln.

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Factory Keyless entry code

What is that factory keyless entry code

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It is likely posted on a sticker placed under the dash, usually on the keyless entry/anti-theft module. You almost have to be a contortionist thou to be able to read it, as it can be up under the dash pretty high. The dealer can retrieve the code via computer, BUT that usually involves a fee (unless you bought the vehicle from them, then they might do it for free). Ford's I've owned have always had the keyless entry code visible way up under the dash, and I've found it easier to view them by holding my camera under the dash with flash on and snapping pics rather than abusing my neck.

Or it can be located in the truck on the bar that controls the trunk to open you will see it when you pop trunk open

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On my 1987 Lincoln Towncar, it’s right of glove box very easy to see code if sticker is still on it the only thing I move is the cover under the glove box . Fordman…

Update (04/06/2020)

Yes it’s for the keyless entry door pad code on my 1987 Lincoln Towncar right of glove box just above kick panel very easy to see with flash light it’s a black box with wires plugged in it.

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