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The Archos 5 is an internet tablet with a resistive touchscreen for video, photo, audio, internet browsing and other multimedia applications. This device may be identified by the model # 7501. The Archos 5 device runs on the Android operating system.

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original firmware for archos 5

i am looking to download the original firmware that came with my archos 5 when i purchased it years ago. anyone by any chance know where i can get a copy to download? i have googled so many sites and all they have is the new firmware, which i dislike actually.

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Is the firmware you have linked for the Archos 5 Internet Tablet or the Archos 5 Internet MEDIA tablet?,

I recently purchased one but i am quite sad that it does not have the GPS app on it like the older model presumably,

i just want to test and make sure this firmware is for that tablet and not the other one, to avoid bricking it

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