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The Hp Compaq was first available August 26, 2010. The Hp Compaq includes a 2.2 GHz Intel Celeron processor, Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System, and a 250 GB hard-drive

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Where can I get a Windows 7 Start Up Repair / Recovery disc?

Where can I get a Windows 7 Repair. disc?

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If you have the product key use it to down load the ISO from Microsoft.

If you have a running windows 7 machine you can build one on the windows 7 machine. You did not say why you need it, do you need your system repaired or what?


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You should be able to create a set of factory recovery disks by doing the following:

1. Get some blank DVDs -- either DVD+R or DVD-R. You will probably need four, but I suggest you have a few extras, in case any are bad. Also, get a permanent marker, so that you can write on each disk -- "Disk 1", "Disk 2", etc.

2. In Windows, select Start / All Programs / Recovery Manager / Recovery Disk Creation. Follow the on-screen instructions.

http://www.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c02641795.p..., page 108.

You should be able to download or purchase the set of recovery disks on DVD or flash drive; but I'm having a hard time finding the info on line.

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